Thymol Varroa Treatment with Cords

We have been using this recipe from experienced Beekeeper Neil Farrer in our hives for a number of years now and find it very effective in eliminating the dreaded Varroa Destructor. 

Varroa is a small mite/parasite that attaches itself to the bees from eggs to workers to queens and is no respecter of rank. When it attaches itself to the eggs, the baby bees hatch out of their cells with deformed wings and bodies. This very quickly can weaken a hive as numbers dwindle down and it eventually dies. A lot of a beekeepers time is taken up in combating this deadly parasite.

CORD VARROA TREATMENT makes enough treatments for approximately 60 hives using one metre of cord, cut in half and placing the two approx. 50cm cords on top of the brood box.


1000ml of Pioneer White Food Grade Mineral Oil (Code 2076-P)
1kg of Beeswax
1kg Tui Bees Honey or 1 litre of sugar syrup
100g of Thymol Crystals
1-2 cups of icing sugar (Gives a good consistency and the bees like it)
Thick cotton furniture cord (about 1cm thick)


  1. Place all 120 of your 50cm cords in a container that will withstand a hot beeswax mixture by not melting.
  2. Melt the 1kg of beeswax in a large electric frypan.
  3. Place 900ml of the Mineral Oil in saucepan and heat gently but do not bring to the boil.
  4. Place remaining Mineral Oil in a jar and add the Thymol Crystals. Place this container in a saucepan of water and bring to the boil, dissolving the Thymol Crystals inside of the jar.
  5. Once the original 900mls of Mineral Oil is heated, add it to the Beeswax.
  6. Next add the 1kg of honey to this mixture and stir. Turn off the heat.