Save NZ Bees with Tui Bees Hire a Hive!

At Tui Bees we are committed to saving the bees! Left to their own devices, around the world, bee colonies are declining and so too, are NZ bees. With our hire a hive service, there is no need for you to know anything at all about beekeeping! Just sit back and enjoy a turn key service by which Tui Bees install & maintain your hive. Then in summer, watch us harvest your ultra-local honey! By hiring a hive from us, you’re helping our family in our mission to save the bees! Our super-powers include laser-focus on your bees & sustainable beekeeping practises. Terry Anderson and son Leighton have over 32 years of commercial and urban beekeeping experience them.

What’s included:

*Yearly Hive Rental.

*Collaboration on site selection at your home or business.

*Hive registration, where we pay the government fees.

*Delivery & installation of your hive with a healthy colony of bees, to your property or place of business.

*Regular hive inspections to maintain honeybee health & hive management.

*Supplementary feed for winter months to ensure a strong colony of bees.

Re-queening if needed.

*You will be supplied with as many honey boxes as required and you can even paint your hive to make it a real masterpiece.

*Your hive will be assessed after the honey harvest for wintering down. This includes ‘food store checks’, varroa treatment & vermin protection. This ensures the strength of your hive during the colder months of the year.

*On-site harvest of your ultra-local, homegrown honey for you to keep!

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