Great Honey made for you

Our Story

With no prior beekeeping experience, the family bought 58 hives from Kerikeri and drove them back down to the Waikato. After taking a wrong turn on the motorway, the bees ended up in 5 o'clock traffic at the bottom of Auckland’s Queen Street!  It was quite the adventure and they were sure glad to get home and start their new life.

Boy Sitting on Honey Truck

Our Honey

Tui Bees honey is so delicious and good for you! 100% pure, unpasteurised, New Zealand honey with nothing added. We start by raising our bees without the use of antibiotics, acids, or harsh treatments of any kind. We place our hives in hidden spots around the countryside where the wildflowers and Native Bush are pure and untouched. We leave our bees alone to do what they naturally do best.

Our Team

Today, Tui Bees owns and operates between 650 – 700 hives with Andrew Cameron serving as on-site manager and original owners Terry and Lynley's son Leighton taking care of the clients and the bees. 

Beekeeper with Bees