Church Fundraising Resources

Our fundraising pack includes posters, flyers, examples of social media posts, text snippets, and images for social media & newsletters. Download them below and boost your fundraising efforts with Tui Bees Honey!

A3 Posters

Print them out and put them all around your school to start fundraising. Make sure to encourage the kids!


A5 Flyers

Print them out and give them to the kids to take home and give to their parents or caregivers.



Download a collection of images that you can use for social media or your school newsletter.


Text Snippets

Use on social media with a photo or include in your school newsletter. (Simply copy the text and paste it into your post)

  • We need your help to fundraise for [xoxoxoxoxo], so please support us, by purchasing some delicious honey from our friends at Tui Bees Honey. Select our school from the drop down list - you get beautiful honey AND help our school! Thanks!
  • Have you got your honey yet? Buy Tui Bees honey and help our school!
  • Delicious Manuka honey from our friends at Tui Bees. Get this amazing honey delivered to your door, while at the same time supporting our school!
  • Support our school and get yummy honey delivered to your door!
  • Did you know that you can support our school by simply purchasing honey? Visit today
  • Kids driving you crazy? Why bake some delicious honey bubble slice using Tui Bees Honey - keep your sanity and help support our school! Recipe here > 
  • Honey money? Buy any Tui Bees honey and [xoxoxox School] will get 20% of each sale. A great way to support our school and enjoy some sweet honey!
  • What’s the sweetest way to fundraise? Tui Bees Honey of course! Check it out -

Example Social Media Posts