The Sweetest way to Fundraise

Make money with every pot of honey!

We have two types of honey: Our Kanuka / Manuka blend & our Multiflora Manuka honey. Both are available in 500gm & 1kg sizes.

Everytime one of your supporters purchases a pot of our delicious honey...

We donate 20% of each sale to you! That's between $2.59 and $6.39 per pot!

Kanuka/Manuka Honey

500gm of our Kanuka / Manuka for just $12.95

You make $2.59 per pot!

1kg of Kanuka / Manuka just $21.95

You make $4.39 per pot!


Multiflora Manuka 40+mg

500gm of Multiflora Manuka for just $17.50

You make $3.50 per pot!

1kg of Multiflora Manuka for just $31.95 

You make $6.39 per pot!


Fundraising without the hassle

Now you can generate funds for your organisation by providing a quality & tasty product that most families enjoy on a regular basis - honey! The best part is that you can continue earning funds as your community order more honey!


Tired of selling raffle tickets & chocolate bars? Now your school can raise funds by getting your school community to make a simple purchase of delicious honey.


We believe in supporting our local communities. Tui Bees can help your church raise funds for your next event, project or mission trip!


Looking for a healthy & innovative way to fundraise for your sports team? Tui Bees has the solution that your local community can really get behind!


Here's how it works

Everyone’s busy these days and we’ve taken the hard work out of your fundraiser for you!


Register your organisation

It takes less than 2 minutes and you only have to do it once!


"Spread" the news!

Tell everyone you can about this sweet new way to fundraise. We'll even supply you with a free fundraising kit to get started.


Receive money!

Each month we will send a quick update on how many dollars have been raised for your school, and we will deposit the funds directly into your nominated bank account!


  • We provide a unique fundraiser programme to your needs.
  • We provide an attractive healthy product to help your fundraisers.
  • We provide ongoing support.
  • We provide you maximum return for minimum effort.
  • We provide quality, unpasteurised, 100% pure New Zealand Honey.
  • We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We provide your school, kindy, ECE, church or sports club with a donation on every honey pot sold.

No Minimum orders required! We want to help organisations of any size raise money, so we don’t require any specific quota or minimum order to get started.

Just register using the form opposite to get started. There are no purchases required. Just encourage all your friends and family to buy Tui Bees Honey online and we will donate a portion of every sale to your chosen charity at the end of the month.


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Support a local Waikato Beekeeper and save our local bees.

Great sizes for the family, practical, edible, Healthy and delicious!

New Zealand Product, great flavours, loved by everyone, young and old.