Our Team

Terry and Lynley (owners) oversee the daily operations of the business. They began their foray into beekeeping back into 2003 with just 58 hives. Today Tui Bees owns and operates between 650 – 700 hives with Terry and son Leighton taking care of each and every one.


Terry Anderson

Owner / Beekeeper

Terry started his horticultural career as a 12 year old working in the renowned Keats Garden Centre which specialised in rare and unusual trees and shrubs. Terry and Lynley were married in 1985 and have a family of six, three boys and three girls and now two little grand daughters.


Lynley Anderson

Owner / Marketing

Lynley keeps the home-fires burning, looking after the family and is involved with marketing, general inquiries and dispatching product.

Tui Bees Team Member: Leighton

Leighton Anderson


Leighton is Terry’s right hand man, his easy-going nature allows him to adapt to all the different beekeeping tasks thrown at him throughout the day. His wife, Anna, is a stay at home Mum, looking after their two little girls and new baby boy.

The Worker Bees

The Girls

Worker Bees

The girls, or should we say queens – a women’s home is her castle, or should we say  hives, especially when there is a new extension with another box put on top. 100's of 1000's of workers serve our queens, who have royal lineage from Italian and Carnolian honey bees. The perfect combination of laid back temperament and productiveness.

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A little about the Bee Dogs

We’re just “dog” people and over the years we have had many faithful four legged friends. Our latest addition is a gorgeous little boy puppy called Marlowe, a cross of Maltese/Lappa Apso/Bichon Friese. Our baby girl Koda is 1 year old now and is quickly nailing her position as “queen bee dog”. Marlowe may have to resign himself to the position of “lowly butler”!  If there’s a cushion around, Koda will be on it and she enjoys going to see the boys at the bee sheds, if they’re home.