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Honey bees play an important part in food production across the planet.

In a time when we’re taking a lot from our world, you can give a little back with our Tui Bees corporate hive sponsorship programme.

By sponsoring a hive, you directly help increase the honey bee population, which in turn pollinate the crops that feed 90% of the world!

Plus you'll get great great social media & newsletter content to share with your customers & stakeholders!


When your organisation or business sponsors a Tui Beehive you’ll get your name or company logo mounted on the front of the hive.

Every month we will send you an update on how the hive is progressing, what’s been going on, and where the bees are headed. 

Along with this report, you’ll also receive pictures and/or video footage to help support the story. You’ll then be able to use this captivating content on your company’s website or social media channel!

You get to show the world how your company is making a difference in saving NZ bees! 

At the end of every honey season, you will receive 40 little ‘corporate honey pots’ of 250gms each, of delicious Tui Bees honey!

Sponsoring is easy

Firstly, just complete the form below and we’ll contact you to arrange everything!

You’ll be billed on a monthly basis and can cancel with 30 days notice.  We’ll even give you a code for your office to buy honey at a discount! Updates on hive activity will be provided at the end of every month via email.  Setup fee for sign printing is $35. Logo must be provided in jpeg format. You are welcome to put your own logo/message on the corporate honey pots at an added cost of $2.00 per pot.

What our sponsors are saying:

"One of the 'sweetest' ways to give back and be socially responsible"

Sponsor a Beehive

Does your business want to help save NZ’s bees and gain positive PR all at the same time?

Are you looking to develop to increase your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy? 

Do you need interesting content for your company’s blog or Facebook page?

Do you want to get involved in something that’ll make a difference in the world and bring the whole office together in a common cause? 

Fill in the form opposite to enquire about our Tui Bees "Sponsor-a-hive" program.

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